April's 'Foot of the Month'

 Jeans Foot #8
25% off the month of April ONLY.
In-stock only. Limited supplies available.

Save the Date...

Claudia Dinnell coming June 11th & 12th, 2014.
Price: $70/ day includes lunch

We will be doing a 2-day workshop with Clauda Dinnell. Each workshop will cost $70/day and that includes lunch, as mentioned above. You can sign up for both classes or just one, as they do not coinside. On one day we will be working on a quilt top called, 'Happy Haunting' (pictured below) and on the other day we will be working on a V7 Digitizing Workshop.

Please call or e-mail us to sign up for classes! Hurry! Limited spots available!


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Road to Success...

  "Patience carries a lot of wait."
Trying a difficult project? Something new? Be patient, wait it out and take your time. 

Finish your projects.. one stitch at time!

The Ten Commandments of Fabric Shopping

1. Thou shall never take your husband.
2. Thou shall never forget credit cards.
3. Thou shall always wear comfortable shoes.
4. Thou shall never miss a sale
5. Thou shall never park in the handicapped spaces, no matter how close to the door.
6. Thou shall never be intimidated by prices.
7. Thou shall never give up a position in line.
8. Thou shall never come home empty-handed.
9. Thou shall never leave the store before it closes.
10. Thou shall remember we must preserve the fabric stores.
Store Hours
Monday: 10am-6pm
Tuesday: 10am-8pm
Wednesday-Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am-4pm
Open 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month: 1pm-5pm

(804) 755.4499

3991 Deep Rock Road
Richmond, VA 23233

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